Stéphane Ternoise writer since 1991

Stéphane Ternoise photographer since he can afford

Stéphane Ternoise, photographer for the opportunity to obtain quality materials at an affordable price.

He defends the independence of writers ...
He wants to live his independence.
He is fighting against politicians.
Her sixth novel was published in 2013: "One Love concrete ..."
(4 years after "they did not intervene")

They want her photos can enable an international career. It is easier to translate a photo a novel!

Stéphane Ternoise was born in 1968. He published his first book in 1991. Naturally produced a book with paper, only sold paper.

In 2012, he established himself as the writer of the digital revolution in France. Although the lack of relationship always seems to be a problem with some media!
Stéphane Ternoise is a novelist, essayist, writer for the theater sometimes played (oddly his works for children are the most played, they are now translated into English and German) and songwriter more singing ...

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